The Beginning ...

Elizabeth Anna Hickerson, circa 1890's or 1900's.

Inez Ruth Hickerson Hudson, 1909 - 2009.

(Elizabeth's daughter)

Today ....

Peni Shellman, Pres./CEO Opulent Spirit Bath Essentials

(Inez's daughter, Elizabeth's grand-daughter)

The Future ....

Jinger Marrero,

V. Pres./CFO,

Opulent Spirit

Bath Essentials

SOAP Making is a family legacy that started in earnest in West Virginia in the late 1800's with the birth of Mrs. Fancy Hance's ninth child, Elizabeth Anna Hance. Elizabeth had very sensitive skin which became irritated often. To prevent the irritation, Fancy began to use different emollients in her soap to help subside the terrible itching that Elizabeth endured. Fancy's soaps and creams were made with love and care. She made soaps using plant bi-products and her fragrances came from flowers and spices. Like so many people of her time she believed in herbal remedies to cure many skin disorders.


She often would give away her soaps, lotions and, creams as gifts to friends and family. Many of them insisted that she should sell her products. The legacy of making soap has been carried on through Elizabeth and her children and grandchildren.


The family legacy lives on through Opulent Spirit. Although Opulent Spirit has entered the computer age and can be found on the worldwide web, we still continue to make our soaps, lotions and, creams with the love and care that our great, great grandmother, Fancy Hance used so long ago.


Today, our process is less daunting and probably more fun, which allows us to be more creative and productive with the quality and specificity of our product. We combine old age ingenuity with new age creativity.


Our homemade products have proven themselves to be of equal or greater value to our clients than most commercial brands. We care about our customers and their need for excellence in the products for which they search so hard to find. We do not believe that everyone is the same. If a customer is in need of a specific kind of soap for minor skin issues (which are not medical) we make every endeavor to create a product specifically for their needs.


Fancy and Elizabeth never enjoyed the luxury of a spa, however our products are spa quality. Our butters and scrubs leave your skin soft and sensuous. Our body washes and lotions speak to your senses.


We have come a long way from Anna's kitchen and back porch in West Virginia. We have offices in Conyers, GA and New York City. Although we are still new to the spa world we are growing.

Keeping in tune with our ancestry, our soaps are all natural and contain no animal bi-products. We use dried flowers for many of our soap scrubs. We use essential oils and fragrance oils for our scents. Some of the emollient additives we use are Vitamin E, Jojoba and Argan oils. These additives are one of the reasons our soaps and lotions leave your skin feeling so soft.

We are a company that strives for excellence on the pathway to allow you to ...


(Inez's grand-daughter, Elizabeth's great-grand-daughter)

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