Run Free, Sachi. We Miss You!

September 4, 2014

I awoke this morning to my husband's calling my name and telling me that our Japanese Akita, Sachi, had made her transition.  Needless to say, it was  so unexpected that I thought that I was having a nightmare with my eyes open.  As I finally began to understand what my husband, Al, was saying, the sadness began to envelop me.  Sachi was truly Al's dog but she was loved by us both.  She was a very loyal dog especially when it came to Al.  Every evening she would wait by the door at around 6:30 with that instinctual knowledge that Al would be home any minute.  When he had classes or errands to do before coming home, Sachi would be there waiting even though Al might be late.  She was a great watch dog and would bark at people or animals that she could see around corners ten blocks away. No one else could see them but she know that they were coming.  It was a warning "stay away, unless you know the password...".  She was a member of our family and we miss her presence, however, we know that she is running free and sniffing all the trees she can find.  Run Free, Sachi, We Miss You!!!




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